Kugoo G-Booster 2400W

The Kugoo G-Booster is an all-wheel drive electric scooter with amazing technical features. It can reach speeds of up to 60 km / h and climb a hill with a slope of 30 degrees!

Characteristics declared by the manufacturer!

Weight: 24.5 kg
MAX load: 150 kg
MAX speed: up to 60 km / h
Travel range: up to 70 km
Battery voltage: 48 V
Battery Capacity: 28Ah, Lithium Ion
Motorcycle power: 2400 W (two 1200W motor wheels)
Wheel size: 10 inches (254mm)
Wheel type: inflatable
Brake: disc
Drive: full
Included footboard: yes
Removable seat: yes
Alarm: there is
Contour lighting: yes
Folding mechanism: yes
Full charge time: 6-8 hours
Operating temperature: -5 +40