Children's bicycle seat Bellelli Summer Standard B-Fix, Hi-Viz

Children's Bellelli Summer bicycle seat for comfortable and reliable riding of children with parents. The children's bicycle chair consists of high-quality plastic that is non-toxic and easy to clean. This design of the child seat will allow the child to stay with parents for a long time under comfortable riding conditions, a soft lining on the seat, and the seat is wide enough to make the child feel free. The footrests of the child seat are height adjustable, and the seat belts can easily be adjusted both in height and in length.

Fastening system - Standard B-Fix provides for the installation of the seat on the seat tube. A special clamp is mounted on the pipe itself, in which steel rods are fixed that are attached to the chair itself. When driving over rough terrain, the rods bend slightly, thereby absorbing shock and protecting your child. This system is designed to transport children weighing up to 22 kg.